Permanent Make-up in Ladera Ranch


    Permanent makeup in Ladera Ranch is an aesthetic service done to implant pigment into the top layer of the skin. Micropigmentation may be done using a manual technique, in which the pigment is implanted using a disposable hand tool, or a mechanical technique, in which a machine is used to implant the pigment with various needle configurations.

    What Happens During The Treatment?

    Every method involves the use of sterile tools and needles to ensure treatment is safe. The quality of the permanent makeup in Ladera Ranch is closely tied to the quality of the equipment, technology, and pigment used. These factors will determine how many times it will be necessary to repeat application, how long the pigment will last, how evenly and completely the pigment will fade, how much pain is felt during the procedure, how long treatment will take, and how quickly the skin will heal.

    Before beginning the treatment, the specialist will think about how the application will look after a few years. The ideal time frame for color stability in the skin is one and a half to two years. Within this time frame, it is very easy to correct the contours created by the makeup in response to anatomical changes in the client’s face.

    Which Method is Better?

    Many clients ask which method is better: manual or mechanical? The answer depends on the desired outcome and the client’s skin. Ideally, the skin specialist must have experience with both methods. Microblading allows the specialist to make very thin and fine strokes. However, clients should understand that microblading isn’t for individuals with oily skin.

    When using the mechanical method, it’s easier to create soft shading with color gradation for the eyebrows, eyelids, and lips. Treatment time with the mechanical method is also significantly shorter.


    Individuality or Perfect Symmetry?

    Experienced skin specialists know how to achieve the right shape for the customer. The right shape is the shape that naturally fits the client’s anatomy and image. The right shape could be influenced by the client’s profession, lifestyle, and personality.

    Well-trained skin specialists understand the generally accepted rules for creating proportion in the face and carefully follow these rules drawing the initial sketch. However, when drawing the sketch, it’s important to avoid using templates and always consider the shape of the face above trends in beauty; the new shape must naturally align with the client’s face.


    Eyebrow micropigmentation, also referred to as microblading, is one of the most popular micropigmentation treatments currently offered by beauty spas. Microblading can be done either manually or using a machine.

    Eyebrows are key to silently expressing different emotions and beautiful eyebrows increase the overall attractiveness of a person. The arch of the eyebrows influences the proportionality of facial features.

    Beautiful eyebrows should be symmetrical, expressive, and have strict outlines and uniform hair growth. The color of the eyebrows should work well with the facial skin tone and hair color.

    Microblading can be done using a variety of techniques. Combining hair stroke with shading, for example, makes it possible to achieve the most realistic result. The specialist draws in the missing eyebrow hairs to naturally reconstruct the eyebrows, and uses shading to add volume and saturation.

    At NuAge Spa, each aesthetician is trained to address each client’s unique skin concerns. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for permanent makeup in Ladera Ranch!