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    Driven by a desire to help others look and feel good.

    Nicole - Daughter

    A licensed esthetician and certified massage therapist, Nicole has more than 9 years of experience in the aesthetics and spa industry. From managing clinics and spas all over Southern California to practicing aesthetics and massage therapy, Nicole is a seasoned spa professional with a love for helping others feel their best.

    Jenny - Mother

    A passionate Aromatherapy guru and mother of three, Jenny enjoys living a completely holistic and natural life. From clean, humane eats to regular meditation, Jenny keeps all three of her daughters on the same path as well. After witnessing her husband’s struggle through illness, Jenny made a promise to her family that she would forever take care of herself to ensure a healthy and thriving life.

    Nicole and Jenny

    Our Story

    The creation of NuAge Spa—a mother and daughter start-up—began in 2018. After Nicole’s father and Jenny’s husband was diagnosed with unmanageable cancer in 2016, the mother and daughter witnessed the incredible pain and suffering he was living in. Looking to do whatever she could to comfort him or ease his pain, Nicole would sit at the edge of his hospital bed and massage his feet with lavender and coconut oil every night to help him fall asleep.

    Through this experience, the pair realized that regardless of what someone is going through in life, it always feels good to feel good!

    Ready to continue to share comfort and spread happiness, the two combined their love of aesthetics and the wholesome balance Mother Nature offers to create NuAge Spa—a venture to help soothe others’ stresses and eliminate pains while finding comfort in the genuine and warm atmosphere they never cease to provide. Learn more about us NuAge Spa. Visit the very best place to relax and rejuvenate here in Orange County! Call us at (949) 388-8577.

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    Over 2,000 square feet of comfort and luxury make up the NuAge Spa. Stop by and visit to experience our luxury treatment rooms, infrared sauna, relaxation lounge, and more.

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