Lash Lift in Ladera Ranch


    A lash lift in Ladera Ranch is a natural, semi-permanent eyelash treatment that curls and lifts the natural eyelashes, creating the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. After treatment, clients won’t need mascara, extensions, or lash maintenance.

    How Do I Prepare For A Lash Lift?

    Up to 48 hours before performing a lash lift treatment, the trained beauty specialist will do a patch test to identify any potential sensitivity or allergic reaction to any of the products used. If the patch test leads to an adverse reaction, the client is discouraged from continuing with treatment.

    During the consultation, the lash lift technician will explain in detail what occurs during a patch test. Next, the technician will cleanse the skin, typically behind the ear or in the crease of the arm, and apply a small amount of lifting lotion, fixing lotion, and adhesive to the skin. A small amount of eyelash tint will also be applied behind the opposite ear.

    The products will be given time to dry and the client will be advised to leave the lotions on the skin for 24 hours after the test. If the client doesn’t experience a reaction, they can remove all products.

    Before undergoing lash lift, it’s important to adhere to the following instructions for optimal results:

    • Avoid using any curling products on the eyelashes during the week leading up to your treatment.
    • Avoid wearing waterproof mascara before your appointment.

    Clients should tell their lash lift technician if they have any allergies.


    What Happens During A Lash Lift?

    Once the client has filled out the consultation forms, they will be instructed to remove any contact lenses.

    The technician will begin by cleansing the eye area and remove any eye makeup using an oil-free makeup remover. With the client’s eyes open, the technician will place a damp under-eye pad on the skin under the eye to secure the bottom lashes.

    The client will then be instructed to gently close their eyes and a shield will be applied close to the lash line on the upper eyelid using an adhesive. The technician will pull back each eyelash, separating them one-by-one so that every eyelash is even and secure on the shield.

    The steps of the procedure are: lift, volume, color boost, and nourish.

    At the end of treatment, the technician will remove the shields and under-eye pads, and the client will be instructed to gently open their eyes.

    How Frequently Should You Get A Lash Lift in Ladera Ranch?

    A lash lift will begin to drop back to its natural state after about six to eight weeks, after which clients are encouraged to get a fresh lash lift.

    Other factors may affect how long a lash lift will last. Swimming in chlorine or obtaining heat treatments, for example, may reduce the length of time a lash lift can last to four to five weeks.

    At NuAge Spa, each beauty technician is trained to help clients achieve their desired beauty look. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for a lash lift in Ladera Ranch!