Botox Injection in Ladera Ranch


    A Botox injection in Ladera Ranch can offer many benefits, from helping reduce acne and softening the jawline, to lifting the lips and stopping migraines. The right treatment for you will depend on your appearance and aesthetic goals.

    Here are a few Botox benefits and uses to consider before you schedule an appointment.

    1. Manage acne.

    Though not a very common reason for getting Botox, reducing oil production can help minimize breakouts and improve the appearance of skin. Dermatologists recommend trying other acne treatment options, such as creams or birth control pills, before scheduling Botox.

    Tiny amounts of Botox injected very superficially can help curb oil production without disturbing facial expression. Botox for acne should only be used in the forehead to reduce the risk of “frozen face” caused by severely limited muscular activity.

    2. Fake a face lift.

    Carefully placed Botox injections can help shape the jaw, lift the tip of the nose, smooth wrinkles around the eyes, and minimize the appearance of forehead lines. Speak to an experienced injector to determine which areas of the face should be injected to create the appearance of a face lift.


    3. Lift the nose.

    An injection at the base of the nose, between the nostrils, can release the depressor muscle that pulls the nose downward and help the face appear more lifted. No need to get a nose job if a simple injection in a few minutes can take years off your face.

    4. Soften the jawline and chin.

    Grinding the teeth may widen the jawline and create a more masculine appearance. Injecting Botox in the jawline and chin will help shrink the muscle and narrow the jawline. This treatment may also cause the cheeks to appear more lifted, with results lasting up to a year.

    5. Tighten the jowls.

    If you’re experiencing sagging around the jawline, then a Botox injection could be just what you need to create more definition.

    6. Lift the lips.

    Tiny Botox injections along the upper lip border can help roll the top lip up and out to make it appear fuller. The results are more subtle than collagen injections and less expensive than other Botox treatments.

    7. Smooth the neck.

    Considering getting a Botox injection in Ladera Ranch? Injecting tiny amounts of Botox into the muscles above and below the horizontal wrinkles in the neck will relax the muscles and help the skin look smoother.

    Over time, neck muscles can enlarge and protrude, creating the appearance of thick, tight cords. The muscles in the neck can also pull the rest of the face forward and cause droopiness. Botox can help relax these muscles, soften wrinkles, and lift the face.

    8. Smooth le décolleté.

    Time and sun exposure can cause lines to develop between the breasts for some women. Injecting Botox into the pectoral muscles can help smooth them out.

    If you’re considering a Botox injection in Ladera Ranch, call the NuAge Spa to schedule an appointment and learn more about treatment.