Botox Clinic in Ladera Ranch


    Treatment at a Botox clinic in Ladera Ranch can offer many benefits, from lifting the nose and face, to softening the jawline and minimizing sweating. The right Botox treatment for each client will depend on their unique appearance and aesthetic goals.

    Here are a few Botox benefits and uses to consider before scheduling an appointment.

    1. Minimize acne.

    Botox can help reduce oil production, which in turn will minimize breakouts and improve the appearance of skin. Clients should, however, try other acne treatment options before trying Botox, since too much Botox creates the risk of a “frozen face” caused by paralyzing muscles in the face.

    During treatment, the injector will inject tiny amounts of Botox very superficially to help curb oil production without disturbing facial expression. Botox for acne should only be used in the forehead.

    2. Lift the face.

    No need to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery if you can get a few Botox injections to shape the jaw, lift the tip of the nose, smooth wrinkles around the eyes, and reduce the appearance of forehead lines.


    3. Fake a nose job.

    Over time, the nose can begin to sag and appear hooked, making the face appear droopy. A Botox injection at the base of the nose can release the depressor muscle that pulls the nose downward and create a more lifted appearance overall. A simple injection can make the client look years younger.

    4. Make blowouts last longer.

    Botox injections in the forehead can help reduce sweating at the hairline, which in turn helps blowouts last longer. However, some dermatologists caution against injecting too much Botox in the forehead as this can cause heavy eyelids.

    5. Reduce sweating.

    Clients who struggle with hyperhydrosis (medically diagnosed excessive sweating) may benefit from Botox injections into the underarms, palms, scalp, forehead, temples, and soles of the feet. Treatment results may last up to six months. Botox injections may be a great option for clients who haven’t experienced relief from clinical-strength and prescription antiperspirants and endure significant embarrassment from sweating and the need to change clothing during the day.

    6. Soften the jawline and chin.

    Grinding the teeth may widen the jawline, leading to a more masculine appearance in women. Injecting Botox in the jawline and chin may help shrink the muscle and narrow the jawline. Botox treatment may also lift the cheeks, with results lasting up to a year.

    7. Smooth neck lines.

    Searching for a Botox clinic in Ladera Ranch? NuAge Spa injectors are trained to deliver flawless results in minutes. Injecting tiny amounts of Botox into the muscles above and below the horizontal wrinkles in the neck will help relax the muscles and smooth the skin, creating a more youthful appearance.

    With age, neck muscles can become enlarged and protrude, creating visibly thick and tight cords. The neck muscles may also pull the rest of the face forward and cause droopiness. Botox injections may help relax these muscles, smooth wrinkles, and lift the face.

    If you’re searching for a Botox clinic in Ladera Ranch, call the NuAge Spa to schedule appointment and learn more about treatment.