Best Medical Spa in Ladera Ranch


    The best medical spa in Ladera Ranch has a team of experienced skincare and medical professionals trained to provide advanced treatment for a wide range of skin concerns. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques, medical spa professionals customize treatment according to each client’s needs to deliver exception results. If you’re not sure how to spot a top medical spa, here are a few signs to look for.

    1. The team asks you questions.

    The aesthetician should carefully evaluate your skin and ask detailed questions before beginning treatment. They might ask about what products you currently use, any allergies you may have, any medications you may be taking that might interfere with treatment, and whether you tan or smoke. The aesthetician should always ask what your skin concerns are the day of the appointment.

    A good aesthetician is like a detective – they will look for clues in your skin to see what it needs. Doing so will help her create the most effective treatment protocol using the right products. Every treatment should be tailored to your exact needs that day.

    2. They customize treatment.

    An experienced aesthetician will customize your spa treatment. After carefully evaluating your skin, they’ll know exactly what your unique skin concerns are and customize treatment to target these exact concerns. They’ll explain the procedures they recommend before beginning treatment. Feel free to ask any questions and make sure you feel confident in the aesthetician’s ability to perform the procedure.


    3. The spa is clean and organized.

    If the medical spa is dirty, look elsewhere. Poor sanitation can harm the skin and increase the risk of adverse reactions to treatment. Any spa treatment performed in unsanitary conditions can increase the spread of bacteria.

    The best medical spa in Ladera Ranch is kept in immaculate condition, from the front office and restrooms, to the individual rooms and the equipment. When you walk in, you should see clean floors. Treatment rooms should be equipped with sanitized tools and the towels and bathrobes should be spotless.

    4. Treatment doesn’t cause serious pain.

    Pain might lead to gain in the gym, but pain in the spa is dangerous. It’s true, certain skincare treatments may cause tingling and slight discomfort. But facials and other non-invasive procedures shouldn’t cause pain. Your aesthetician should warn you in advance of any tingling that may be caused by certain products or procedures and apply numbing cream when necessary.

    If an aesthetician tells you that pain during a facial or spa treatment means you’ll experience superior results, find a new aesthetician immediately.

    5. The team shares their knowledge with you.

    Your aesthetician should stay up-to-date on the latest treatments, skin care ingredients, and advances in techniques. They should be ready and willing to share this knowledge with you. An experienced aesthetician should be able to answer your questions and support your at-home skin care agenda to maximize results.

    End your search for the best medical spa in Ladera Ranch with NuAge Spa. Our aestheticians and skin care professionals are highly trained to customize treatment and deliver superior results. Give us a call today!