The Best Options for Wrinkles Around the Mouth


    Smiles and laughter are a healthy part of life. Spending time with friends and family and sharing jokes and funny stories are great ways to de-stress and celebrate good times.

    Unfortunately, smiles and laughter can stretch the skin around the upper lip and cause wrinkles over time. But, that doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from living life to the fullest. If you’d like to ease those lines and prevent them from deepening, here are a few steps you could take.

    Prevention Is Critical

    No, don’t stop laughing and smiling. Instead, adopt a skincare regimen that includes an anti-aging topical product. Use serums with growth factors that help target collagen and elastin synthesis to smooth and prevent fine lines.


    Apply Sunscreen Daily

    Wrinkles around the mouth are primarily caused by changes in the skin, such as the breakdown of collagen and elastic tissue due to chronic sun exposure. Make sure to use a sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 and contains a mineral component, like zinc or titanium. You could also use a lip sunscreen to enhance protection.

    Try a Night Cream

    A good quality night cream can provide deep dermal hydration that thickens the skin and effectively reduces the appearance of skin wrinkles. A topical vitamin C serum can also be effective for mouth wrinkles, helping to boost the production of skin collagen.


    Schedule Cosmetic And Facial Procedures

    With age, the proportion and volume of our lips changes. Injecting soft tissue filler into the upper lip can help provide structure and improve overall appearance.

    Microneedling is another option that is done to ensure lines are even and smooth. For early vertical lines, microneedling treatments that utilize radiofrequency heat can help stimulate collagen production and smooth fine lines. Adding heat that is delivered at the needle tips leads to more remodeling and better tightening of the skin. These treatments have little downtime, and patients will see pronounced results after a series of treatments.

    The chemical peel is the gold standard of treatments for wrinkles around the mouth. A phenol chemical peel can smooth even the deepest of lines.

    Dermabrasion is a treatment that utilizes a specialized tool to mechanically sand the skin. This procedure is not as popular as it used to be due to its long recovery time and the risk of discoloration. Treatment should only be done by an experienced skin care specialist.

    Resurfacing lasers are another type of aggressive treatment. Laser treatments can be modified to treat deep wrinkles caused by severe sun damage. This procedure will produce results quicker than other treatments, but will require a longer recovery time. After treatment, a patient’s skin may be red and raw for up to two weeks. Resurfacing laser treatment should be performed in conjunction with full face treatments to avoid a demarcation line.

    If you’re looking for advanced wrinkle treatment, call NuAge Spa today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.