My Movember Story

The number one question I get asked when talking about NuAge is why did I decide to start a business, or what led me to this journey. To be honest, there are a lot of reasons why I am doing this. But at the very top of the list will always be my number one answer – My Dad…Read More

My Dad was the driving force behind our family, he was our glue and he always taught me and my sisters to work hard for the life we wanted. We were so blessed to call him our dad and were a very tight niched family, life was great. In 2016 our lives were changed forever. My dad had been struggling with symptoms of discomfort, body aches and fatigue but was told it was his age or his years of being a General Contractor. It wasn’t until about 6 months of doctors visits that we were told my dad had stage 4 prostate cancer. He had been living with a tumor on his prostate for months, maybe even years, but by the time he was diagnosed it had metastasized to his bones and internal organs. We had very little treatment options. As a family we pushed through every type of treatment possible, because losing our dad and husband to my mom at just 57 years old was not an option. Despite our strength as a family, our hope and faith the cancer was just too advanced and gave us a mere 6 months with my dad.

After the passing of my dad I started to realize just how many people I knew that had also lost their father to cancer. It was devastating. To know we all had to endure the heartbreak of loss, and at such a young age. It really hit me – cancer is out there. It doesn’t discriminate against age or gender, or how amazing of a person someone is. It is so important to be proactive about your health and to listen to your body. To this day I still ask myself “what if we would have caught it sooner”.

I share my families story to bring awareness to men’s health and their well-being. We need our dads, our husbands and our brothers. Encourage the men in your life to visit their doctors for annual check-ups or if something doesn’t ‘seem right’. We can’t ask for time back with those that we have lost, but we can help others take control of their health and lower the statistics of men dying too young.

Help us spread the word about Movember and let’s keep our men thriving and living to watch their daughters get married, their sons play football and their wives hair turn grey.

Xoxo, Nicole

Love you Dad!!