Body Wraps


    All of our body wrap sessions are performed using Infrared Body Wraps and last 60 minutes. Because you can expect to perspire during the treatment wrap, we recommend bringing comfortable clothes to change into after your treatment.

    What is a Body Wrap?

    A body wrap, also referred to as a body cocoon or body mask, is a spa treatment designed to improve the health and appearance of skin by promoting the secretion of dirt, toxins, and excess water from the skin.

    Though most wraps are performed on the entire body (excluding the face and genital area), some wraps are only applied to particular areas.

    Infrared Deeply Detox Body Wrap $65

    Don’t be afraid to sweat a little (or a lot). The Infrared Body Wrap at NuAge Spa is a non-invasive wrap that helps your body detox by sweating while also treating an array of ailments. The Deeply Detoxing Body Wrap penetrates the body with heat energy that promotes healing and well-being while eliminating cellulite, managing pain, and detoxing your body.

    The Infrared Body Wrap at NuAge Spa works well for those who want to address any of the following:

    • Skin – Opens pores and flushes out impurities deep within the dermal layer.
    • Weight – Releases subcutaneous fat and toxins to purify fat cells and helps boost metabolism and correct metabolic imbalances.
    • Detox – Provides cellular detoxification and improves circulation.
    • Relax – Relieves your body from stress and fatigue while improving your body’s defenses during stress.
    • Therapy – Promotes healing, reducing muscle soreness and spasms, stiffness, aches, and pains.
    • Heart – Improves blood circulation and increases heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate.

    What to Expect During a Body Wrap Treatment

    Treatments will vary depending on the spa and the type of treatment you select. Typically, a body wrap treatment involves the following steps:

    Step #1 – Clothing Removal

    Clients will be instructed to remove their clothing, except for underwear or a bikini, for a full body wrap. Treatments that only address the upper or lower half of the body will only require partial undressing.

    Step #2 – Relaxation

    During this stage, clients relax while the treatment nourishes and cleanses the body. Patients may request a head massage or other treatment (for an additional cost) while they wait .

    Step #3 – Unwrap

    The esthetician will come and remove the wrap.